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Adams & Knight is an integrated marketing agency that serves brands that help others lead healthier, wealthier, happier lives. Thanks to this focus, we start with deeper insights, which in turn fuel bigger ideas. And all that helps us generate more impact. Ready to recharge your marketing?

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Let’s talk about recharging your marketing efforts.

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explore more work

Adams & Knight Wins 13 2024 Telly Awards

Great international recognition for our team’s video work — across an array of categories from TV to social media for clients in healthcare, financial services and travel/leisure.

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Connecticut: A Home for High Fashion

See how our interview with celebrity fashion designer, Christian Siriano, highlights Connecticut as an up-and-coming destination for fashion and LGBTQ+ culture.

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A Vibrant View of Connecticut

See how we gave old perceptions a fresh perspective — and a bold new look — in our latest campaign for the Connecticut Office of Tourism, “State I’m In.”

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“What’s the Big Idea?” Podcast

Introducing our new marketing podcast, where we tackle hot conversations and offer a spark of inspiration about today’s biggest trends.

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creative storytelling

It’s no longer about selling — it’s about storytelling. Especially when it comes to creating interesting, engaging content people actively seek out…and share.

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the 5Es of marketing engagement

Often forgotten in the rush to get your message in front of customers or other external audiences? Your internal audience. The most successful communications engage your employees first, so they become true ambassadors for your brand. In this video, Reem Nouh explains 5 critical things to keep in mind.

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digital marketing: the cookie crumbles

Recenlty, major web browsers have intensified efforts to prevent tracking and respect privacy rights of consumers online. To do this, they’re limiting the information collected by third-party data trackers like Google and Facebook embedded in almost all websites. Find out what this trend means for your digital campaigns and how to adjust your mix for a better outcome.

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The Latest from our Integrated Marketing Agency


Tips for marketing automation roll-outs 

Got a plan for launching a marketing automation platform? Make sure to build satisfaction before, during and after you buy with these tips from our marketing tech SVP.

Email marketing tips 

Looking for tips to help boost your email marketing results? Check out the list of best practices compiled in our latest insights blog.

Livestreaming tips 

Livestreaming to share your content? Use these tips from one of our social media experts to increase the quality of, and results from, your broadcasts. Read now.

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Adams & Knight Adds Five New Employees

The agency continues to grow as it adds five new hires in 2022.

33 AdClub Awards in 2022

Adams & Knight took home the most awards and highest honor, the Best of Show, for the second year straight.

PRSA Silver Anvil Finalist

Adams & Knight has been named a finalist for the PRSA 2021 Silver Anvil Awards, honoring outstanding strategic public relations programs that meet the highest standards of performance.

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